• Nature

“Are we really going to have to wait until there are so few trees that they will be sold for billions of dollars, and only then we will finally appreciate their value?” 

  • Humans

People need to get down until they decide to get up

You need to get to know yourself, before trying to understand the world around you

To get to know yourself, become conscious of all of your acts, your interests, your words and your habits. Then you can start to change anything you want

Adults are often wrong because they never know when or why they are right

Sadly, mankind prefers to delude itself with lies rather than to observe truth with self honesty

  • Way of Life

I don’t need a desk, just bring me a hammock

Stay awake with  big wide-open, child-like eyes

“Imagination is to boredom what water is to fire”

You cannot expect from others what you want to change in yourself

“I won’t tell what you expect, I won’t tell what you want to hear ! I am not here for lies or cowardice ! I will just tell you what I see even if that’s exactly what you don’t want to hear. Because Truth always comes out of children mouths and that’s who I am”

  • World perception

As previous mystical theories became scientific reality, the supposed ‘truths’ of today will become obsolete when new theories prove that they are wrong

There is no reality. What we perceive as reality is only in our minds and can be deconstructed”

Be aware of your own reality as it forms the walls of the prison of your mind

Your mind is the only limit you might face in life

Life is an hologram – take care of your thoughts


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